Created by professional World Champion dancers, GoDeeper is a different kind of dance and movement class to help people claim their power and be present in life as their full selves.

Our Story

Anya Katsevman

A few years ago I got very sick. I couldn’t dance. I couldn’t teach. Doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me, so I started to seek out more holistic approaches.

I started to look inward and identify the skills and abilities that had helped me win two world Salsa championships and train artists who went on to win world titles of their own and to dance on TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, and America’s Got Talent. I realized my discipline, presentation, and communication, my ability to visualize an outcome and exhibit range of motion and emotion––these qualities hadn’t just helped me build a successful professional dance career, they’d also helped me build strong interpersonal relationships with friends and partners too and to be successful as a person.

I didn’t realize all the abilities I’d gained by being a dancer until I couldn’t dance. After all, I’d been dancing since age ten, and so without realizing it, I’d taken for granted the deep continued personal growth dance provides: Dance is a perfect undiscovered wellness modality because it’s physical and creative, so it helps you explore things about yourself and learn all the beautiful things that you are and how to harness them in all areas of your life. 

Slowly, I started to get better, and as I did, I started teaching dancers how to discover who they are, heal, and explore through movement at Latin dance congresses and events around the world. Word quickly spread throughout the dance community. Classes were packed and my inbox was flooded with messages from attendees about how just one class had changed their lives.

But I had an even bigger vision––I knew how powerful the method of movement I was creating would be for other creatives, and for athletes and professionals too. I wanted to bring the power of dance to every single person with a desire to grow and create a life they truly love.

Brielle Friedman

After falling in love with salsa dancing in college, Friedman began training with Katsevman in 2014 and won her first professional dance competition just four years later.

Off the dance floor, she directed marketing for a global travel company for six years, developing and implementing a marketing strategy that helped grow annual revenue from $10m to $36m. During this time, she recognized how the personal growth she experienced through dance helped her become a better manager and stronger professional leader; by the time she left to launch her own brand strategy + creative consulting firm, she had hired and trained more than 20 employees and built the highest performing team within the organization. 

Brielle Friedman | GoDeeper

Dance holds tremendous power. 

When we are truly free to move in a way that feels good and right for us, without self-judgment or fear, when we are fully vulnerable and present, we can experience immense joy, build deep interpersonal connections, and find the courage to create the life we truly desire.

GoDeeper classes, workshops, and private coaching sessions use dance-based principles like body awareness, posture, touch, connection, and eye contact, to help you experience and establish a new relationship with yourself.

Explore movement in a safe intimate setting. Build confidence and connection. Learn powerful body language tools that will allow to better communicate with others at home, in the office, and in the bedroom.

Are you ready to go deeper?

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